Manx Sea Fishing – Resources

Whilst researching the post on Manx traditional fishing boats I came across a wealth of information buried on the IoM government website.   In particular there is a whole project around the history of sea fishing from the Island that was done for schools in the early 1990s. There is a very good teachers’ resource book, and in there is listed a whole load of other resources with more detailed information.  The resources seem to have now disappeared from there, so I am presently hosting copies locally, although I recently found the resource book in an upload folder of the Manx Heritage site so someone is still using this excellent resource.

Teachers resource book

Information Cards:

  1. Early Manx Herring Boats
  2. Herring Boats c. 1830-1940
  3. Herring Fishing in Manx Waters
  4. Manx Fishermen in Irish and Scottish Waters
  5. Nets & Equipment for Herring and Mackerel Fishing
  6. Uses of the Herring Catch
  7. Longlines & Shorelines
  8. Some Further Types of Fishing
  9. Scallops & Queenies
  10. Customs & Traditions of the Manx Fisherman
  11. Some Fish Molluscs & Crustaceans of Manx Waters A-H
  12. Some Fish Molluscs & Crustaceans of Manx Waters I-Z