Port Stories

This is a page for holding things to do with the interesting ‘Port Stories’ project being run by the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster.  There’s more information about the project here.

I have two undated monographs on the history of the Port of Lancaster.  One of them is by a local historian called H N Crawshaw, who also produced histories of Bare and Torrisholme. It is called:

Lancaster the Port

The other one is much more detailed and by a rather self-effacing author who doesn’t actually mention his own name, however Crawshaw may give us a clue since in his list of sources he mentions “The Port of Lancaster: A.R. Taylor – An unpublished thesis, to be recommended as an example of the work of an enthusiastic and able amateur.”

The Port of Lancaster

I hope I’m not infringing anyone’s copyright by uploading these scans but if I am then please get in touch to let me know and I will remove them.

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  1. Harry Crawshaw taught me history at Morecambe Grammar School in the 1960s. He was much more interested in social history than dates and politics and drew brilliant illustrations on the blackboard. After he retired, he was at one point the “Mayor of Bare”!

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